The Pedriatric Early Clinical Trials EAST Network is an association of eight maximum care hospitals with a Pediatric Oncology Department. Approximately 270 patients with newly diagnosed oncological disease and approximately 60 patients with relapsed disease are treated each year. Approximately 50 allogeneic bone marrow transplants per year complete the full range of care. Concrete processes regulate the cooperation and study implementation in the network and at the participating centers.
One criterion for initiating a clinical trial in our network is not only the scientific quality but also the vote of the entity-specific GPOH or international centers. If necessary, we ask you to contact them at the time of protocol preparation. Clinical trials are initiated in our network at one chosen center. Participating hospitals take part in referring patients to a specific trial. A regular exchange ensures that interested patients are informed and advised.

You are welcome to send us inquiries for clinical trials at any time, we will answer them promptly.

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