Treatment in clinical trials offers great advantages to both patients and also to us, the physicians in charge. The safety of our patients is high due to the close networking of the clinics recruiting worldwide and regular telephone conferences. There is an obligation to report side effects ─ especially serious ones ─ as soon as possible. In the future we hope that by defining effective substances in the early trial phases, these will also be used in primary therapy in the medium and long run. The goal is to improve the survival rates of our patients.

Inclusion in a trial is highly regulated. Important inclusion and exclusion criteria can be found in the ongoing trials section.

Early clinical trials are increasingly biomarker-based. In particular, the molecular genetic profile of tumors with prognostically important aberrations is often the basis for study inclusion. In addition to the INFORM trial, which defines specific inclusion and exclusion criteria, commercial and non-commercial molecular diagnostic options are available.

If you have any questions, e.g. about molecular genetic diagnostics, we are looking forward to hear from you!

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